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About John Jennings 
John Jennings artistic talents surfaced at a very young age. Much credit is due to his artist Grandmother who taught him to see minute detail in everyday scenes of the world around him.

His creative abilities were first recognized by Professor Trojan at Oregon State University. Jennings studied art at an early age with students 10 years his senior.
In the following decade he worked as a combat photographer in Vietnam, established 
a graphics company an acieived an environmental professional reputation for his archival renderings of thoroughbred horses.

In 1970, while Jennings was in Oregon, his life changed. The power and beauty he observed in a helplessly beached whale awakened Jennings to the expansively diverse and provacative world beneath the surface of the sea. He then became one of the first underwater marine artists opening the wonders of the sea and Neptune's realm.
Jennings, whose preferred medium is oil, is a perfectionist who demands accuracy in proportion, color and details. His ability in color, composition and technique allowed him to depict " landscapes of the underwater world," capturing the multi - dimensional form of the ever shifting currents.

Jennings has "sounded  the depths,"  to become one of the most prestigious and recognized environmental marine artists. Not only is he a master of color but a master of composition and technique.. resulting in works unique and ahead of his time.

Currently, he is the Cultural Ambassador to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, continuing his platforms and journeys to educate the public on the critical concerns and actions necessary to save our planet for our future generations.

HomeAbout the ArtistArt GalleryOriginalsGiclee's Surrealism
AbstractLimited Edition LithographsFine Art PrintsMuralsProductsContact Us